Pregnancy and labour can be worrying times. For a first-time mum it can be due to fear of the unknown and to a woman with a subsequent pregnancy, it can be fear of the known! Sounds like there is little hope! However, way back in 1942, Dr. Dick-Read, an obstetrician, published a book entitled "Childbirth without fear", based on his knowledge of the 'Fear-tension-pain' cycle that hinders the normal functioning of the uterus, and slows down the birthing process. Research has since shown that hypnosis can:

Give the mother a sense of control
Reduce or eliminate fear 
Produce pervasive relaxation
Significantly diminish the need for medication
Shorten the period of labour
Promote recovery
Increase energy levels
Provide the mother with a psychologically positive experience

Giving birth should be such a wonderful experience, and with techniques provided by hypnosis - it can be!