According to recent research, women who smoke, and in addition have elevated blood pressure levels are 20 times more likely to have a brain haemorrhage, when compared with non-smoking men who have safe blood pressure levels.

A bleed in the brain is frequently triggered by a burst aneurysm, which is actually a pouch that is filled with blood on the wall of an artery, where greatest stress occurs. Many never rupture, however, if they do it becomes a medical emergency. 

The published research by Helsinki University Central Hospital and Australian School of Advanced Medicine shows that the risk of a haemorrhage may differ tremendously depending on particular elements, such as genetic predisposition, gender, lifestyle, smoking and blood pressure.

The published research reveals that women tobacco smokers and individuals with high blood pressure would be the most likely to have a burst aneurysm

The research is the largest ever conducted into brain haemorrhage risk factors.

It also determined three new risks: 
Previous heart attack
A medical history of stroke in a person’s mother
Higher cholesterol in men

‘We hope that our studies truly help doctors and patients, and are not only of interest around coffee tables on university campuses,’ says neurosurgeon Professor Miikka Korja, at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney.

A hypnotic approach is especially relevant to people in the high risk category as it is often very successful for both smoking cessation and elevated blood pressure levels.

A hypnotic approach can assist people to reduce high blood pressure levels through the use of the Hypnotension system, developed especially to deal with the lifestyle components, for example smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, salt intake and stress, together with psychological factors such as guilt and anger. These are a few of the factors which are recognised to cause and sustain hypertension.

If you have either hypertension and/or smoke, contact me and I will be happy to assist you with either or both.